Foodie Fit is dedicated to delivering delicious, healthy food to the Las Vegas community as part of a personalized service that facilitates the health and fitness goals of its customers.

Perhaps the greatest benefit and difference to using our service compared to other advertised meal services is variety. Rather than offering standard nutrition meal plans that lack flavor, we advertise a myriad of meals to choose from which include Korean, Mediterranean, Latin, and Vietnamese-American fusion without compromising nutritional goals.

Foodie Fit and the signature concierge meal plan service was developed to satisfy the growing need for quality, nutrient-rich meals for the time-compressed lifestyles of today’s consumers. We specialize in serving athletes, executives, service industry, and stay-at-home moms. Every meal plan is specifically designed by Chef Bo Vu to maximize each client’s nutrition, while simultaneously enhancing their health and wellness results.

Utilizing both experience and education, Founder Bo Vu believes in teaching each client about their nutritional intake & the distinctive variables that affect performance as well as overall health.

Foodie Fit has worked hand-in-hand with major corporations, providing guidance to several corporate wellness programs and creating large-scale signature meal service solutions. Private parties, community events, and celebrations are also opportunities that Foodie Fit embraces.

Whether you are looking to advance your fitness goals or simply save time in a fast-paced community, Chef Bo Vu and the team at Foodie Fit is happy to help not only guide you as a client, but provide you with the best guaranteed meal service in Las Vegas.

Buy your friends and family a gift of health